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Meet your new best friend

Remember Nintendogs and Tamagotchi growing up? Many of us have fond memories playing pet games at some point. It's now 2017, and VR has opened the door to the next generation of virtual companions!

RoVR is the first lovingly made VR dog simulator! In RoVR, you can play with, raise, and build a heartwarming connection with your own VR dog! RoVR is for everyone who always wanted a dog, but couldn't have one. This was us growing up, but our parents never let us have one. Even though we could get one now as adults, it's still a lot of work to provide a real dog with a good life!

So, we decided to build a VR dog not only for ourselves, but so that people who always wanted a dog, could!

Who's a good boy?

Like any real doggo, your VR dog also loves pets. Whether it's head pats, tummy rubs, or picking up and snuggling, get ready get lots of love from a very good dog!

Not just a cute face...

Dogs in RoVR aren't just cute - they're extremely smart and perceptive too! We're leveraging powerful machine learning algorithms to create a dog AI that learns how to behave depending on how you act towards it. You'll be able to raise your very own VR dog just like a real dog!


We’re building a world for you and your dog to explore (and smell)! Go on serene nature walks by the lake. Visit the local dog shoppe to buy goodies for your buddy. Chat with the various dog owning NPCs in town. There's so many holes to dig and things to sniff!